$ 3.50


Chakra: Third eye, solar plexus

Zodiac: Libra

Beneficial for: Vitality; chronic illness; insight into causes of disease; blockages in the physical, emotional, and mental aura including negative emotional programming; blood cleanser and energizer; physical body regeneration; metabolism; immune system; autonomic nervous system; physical maturation; stabilizing DNA/RNA; oxygenation; ME; burning sensations; gastric disturbances; ulcers; fatigue; lethargy; tension headaches; stress-related disease; sensitivity to environmental influences; optimism; letting go of the past; self-esteem; self-confidence; concentration; fears; phobias; individuality; motivation; creativity; self-expression; nightmares; Alzheimer’s; itching; male hormones; detoxification; elimination; energizing; recharging; degenerative disease; spleen; pancreas; kidney and bladder infections; eye problems; blood circulation; thymus; thyroid; nerves; constipation; cellulite; alleviating fatigue; physical, emotional, and psychological pain; decision-making; recurring nightmares; geopathic stress; protection against thieves; anger; rage; anxiety; grief; neural transmission; dreams; alcoholism; endocrine system; metabolism; cleansing and eliminating organs; bruises; injuries; swellings; burns; hearing disorders; digestive tract; regulating flora; removing parasites; reabsorption of water; insomnia; psychiatric conditions other than paranoia or schizophrenia. As an elixir: menstrual problems, menopause, hot flashes, balancing hormones.

This listing is for one singular tumbled stone, average size 1/4 to 3/4 inch, and will be bagged and labeled for easy identification. Please allow for slight variations in size, shape and coloring as this is a natural product.

Note: This is not to be used to prescribe or diagnose in any way. It is not meant to be used as a substitute for professional help. The intent is to offer historical lore and spiritual uses of crystals and gems. Those who are in need of professional help should consult their physician.