Dragonfly Spirit Animal

$ 3.95

Each Dragonfly Spirit Animal was hand carved in Peru from Dolomite.

The Dragonfly Spirit brings acute awareness, gratitude for the small things, and balance. Dragonflies change direction swiftly and are comfortable in the air as well as in water. Your Spirit Dragonfly can help you find joy in the simplest things and feel the power of life.

Dolomite was discovered in 1791 by Dolomieu while travelling in the Alps. It assists with emotional balance and calm, encourages self-realization, fortifies a sense of tradition and helps us acclimate to new communities. It promotes moderation and alleviates negative emotions. Dolomite stimulates the metabolism of calcium and magnesium and keeps a balance between the two. It is used by healers to stabilize health, especially blood, the heart, and circulation. It dissolves cramps.

Each Spirit Animal is approximately 1 - 1.25" and comes with an information card regarding that animal totem. COLORS VARY AS THEY ARE CARVED FROM NATURAL DOLOMITE STONE. Some may be lighter or darker than picture depicts, some are light brown or dark brown, please allow for these variations. This listing is for one single Dragonfly Spirit Animal.